Thursday, March 30, 2017

National Geographic - Exploring Cultures and Regions Around the Globe

Based in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) offers subscriptions to a wide selection of popular magazines, from Car and Driver to Time. Among the Atlantic Publishers Group titles that the entire family can enjoy is National Geographic, a magazine unique in having its first issue printed with the inception of the National Geographic Society in 1888. 

The National Geographic Society’s founders included civic leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, including exploration and geography. Among the founders were teachers, financiers, and cartographers. They shared an enthusiasm for expanding scientific and cultural knowledge of regions around the globe and for reaching out to the layman reader. 

With the initial technical articles complemented by photos and illustrations, the formula proved a resounding success and circulation increased from 1,000 to more than 2 million within a few years. Some of the money earned through subscriptions has gone to worthy endeavors over the decades, including grants to Jacques Cousteau for underwater exploration and Jane Goodall for observation of chimpanzees in the wild.