Wednesday, August 2, 2017

An Audubon Magazine on Scattering Braniac Crows

Atlantic Publishers Group is based in Niwot, Colorado, and offers an extensive magazine subscription service spanning a variety of categories, from cooking to sports. Among the travel-focused magazines available through Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) are Coastal Living and Cruise World. 

APG customers also have access to Audubon Magazine, which offers avian lovers insight on the full range of areas of interest. Recent cover articles range from the basics of photographing birds from boats to the common raven as a bird braniac. 

According to the latter article, ravens are within the same family as crows, who are considered among the world’s smartest, as they can play tricks and employ tools and have ways of training their fellow crows in new skills. Unfortunately, they can also be relentless predators and have posed a threat to endangered Mojave tortoises that are already decimated by habitat loss and disease.

With attempts involving drones and propane bombs unsuccessful, a non-lethal laser solution turned out to be useful in convincing ravens to turn down calories. With the exact reasons unknown, it appears as if the crows perceive the mildly warm beam of laser light, emitted without warning, as a threat.